Writing a book and becoming a best-selling author is one of the most transformational things you’ll ever do.

And one of the most fun!

First the transformational part: It takes a lot to birth your book. First you have to come up with your idea. Then you have to work up the guts to get your thoughts on paper. Then you have to keep at it so that you have an entire manuscript. That takes discipline. And then if you’re one of the few people who actually finishes their book, you not only have to find a way to get it out in the world, you have deal with the doubts and fears around having others read your work.

There’s that, and then there’s promoting your book. Do you like being in the spotlight? (Don’t worry if the answer is no. Your confidence builds step by step through all you have to do to become an author.)

Then there are the book signings. When I lived in New York I used to go to a lot of book signings by major authors at my neighborhood Barnes and Noble. The room would be packed, and I’d think “How neat! You get to read from your book and then everyone buys it.” Yeah, book signings are great — when they work. And pretty disheartening when only three people show up. It’s even worse when your own boyfriend can’t make it because he can’t stand you being the center of attention. (But that’s another topic!)

OK, so that’s the hard part. Now let’s get to the fun part! It’s an absolute thrill to see your hard work and hard knocks pay off when you receive the first copy of your book in the mail. You get to hold it in your hands and feel proud and excited. But it gets better. If you become a best-selling author, you get to go to the awards ceremony.

It was absolutely thrilling when “Supercharge Your Success” came out, because it meant I got to get together with a number of our co-authors to celebrate in Los Angeles. Honestly, receiving our award onstage was such a fun and memorable experience that I wish everyone could have it. It was heart-warming to toast our success at a champagne reception. And the awards themselves were a blast.

Even though when I got onstage, I could hardly remember the name of our book! (No, it wasn’t the champagne.) It was actually a fun moment to share a laugh with the audience.

The beauty of a group book is that you only have to write one chapter. That’s how so many of my co-authors became best-selling authors. It takes teamwork to make your dream work!

I’m not sure when I’ll be doing my next group book. But if you eventually want to be part of one, you could actually work on your chapter manuscript at my Bali retreat in May. Most of the participants will be working on the first drafts of their own books, but there’s nothing to stop you from writing a stunning chapter during our 8 days of splendor in the world’s most exotic, feminine and beautiful locale.

You can read all about it here: http://www.balimagicwritingjourney.com/

Meantime, if you’re not working on your book yet, what’s stopping you? Share it in the comments below and maybe we can light a fire under you!