No matter what a person’s complaint, their deeper request is really, “Show me the way home to my real Self.”

We’re all here on the planet for the healing we took birth to undertake, and it’s different for everyone. But every healing points in the same direction — to the way “Home.”

Writing is an excellent vehicle for that, and our Bali Triple Goddess Writing Journey wasn’t just a writing workshop, it was a healing journey, a crucible, an encounter with the fantastic and unbelievable.

Although the excuse was writing, women came halfway across the globe to birth a new part of themselves, come home to a deeper inner connection, and leave some excess baggage behind.

One of our participants said she felt a huge weight lift off of her even after our first session on the first day of the program. I won’t call it a “retreat,” because really, it was more of an “advance” or an up-leveling.

This same woman had felt fragmented in her writing but immediately felt a shift and found a flow and rhythm that allowed her to write longer narratives, which really excited her.

Another participant not only surprised herself by falling into an energetic writing rhythm, she rediscovered the writing voice she thought she’d lost in doing so much writing for other people.

Yet a third person was able to go deeper into her story and share herself more extensively and openly.

All of these things I mention were forms of healing and becoming more integrated. This is the power of writing, of traveling out of your comfort zone, of being with a group of writing sisters in a deeply spiritual place, and of receiving the blessings of the goddesses.

Isn’t it interesting how sometimes you have to travel to the ends of the Earth to just come “home” and feel more like yourself?

So in a way, the word “retreat” really does apply to this type of program, because it meant taking a step back from your ordinary life and all of it’s distractions and associations and coming face to face with yourself and the unknown. It can be a little scary, and it’s also exhilarating and liberating.

Everybody left the retreat feeling wildly expanded and deeply moved. AND they accomplished a lot and were able to take their book drafts home, filled with inspiration towards completing their manuscripts.

In other words, they left empowered, which is what it’s all about.

And speaking of writing and healing, have you tried my quick-and-easy 4-Day Expressive Writing Journey? Try it for 15 minutes a day and enjoy the healing power of focused journaling. Here’s the link: