A high number of marriages end in divorce, but what you don’t often hear is how many people wish they hadn’t ended their marriages.

Many people underestimate how hard divorce really is, even if you are the one who wants out.

According to a recent article in The Guardian, a survey by the law firm Seddons found that 22 percent of people who divorced wished that they had not.

The reasons were many. When The Guardian asked their readers how they felt about ending their marriages, they found that some people regretted it because they never found a person they loved as much as their former spouse. Some were lonely and wished they had worked harder at their marriage or paid more attention to their spouse. Some found the need to continue contact because of the children very difficult to handle.

Others lived under a continuous cloud of guilt or anger, and so did not find the happiness they thought they would. Others lived with a void from the loss of companionship that was never filled.

The takeaways from this article? Don’t kid yourself. Divorce is hard. But so is living in a miserable marriage. Do your best with what you’ve got but be brave enough to leave if it’s just not enough.