The way you do writing is the way you do life.

It’s an interesting concept and worth exploring, particularly if you nourish a secret desire to write but never really get around to it.

What’s your writing style? What’s your hiding style?

Whether you write or not, it all comes down to choices.

Do you make the choice to write, or do you make excuses not to? And what does that say? How does it relate to other areas of your life?

And when you do get around to writing, how do you approach the process? With trepidation or enthusiasm? With blandness or with gusto? Are you eager or are you shy? Do you hesitate or welcome it with open arms?

In other words, do you embrace the process or resist it? Because if you don’t embrace it, like a person, it won’t embrace you either. It’s a two-way street.

Digging deeper, are you eager to share what you’ve written or do you hide it in a drawer because you’re afraid of criticism? It’s fine to write for yourself. In fact, it can be enormously healing. But many of us also write because we have something to communicate. We really do want to reach a wider audience and connect with the world.

But if you don’t put your writing out there, that never happens.

Writing is a privilege. Never forget that. The vast majority of people on the planet aren’t even literate, so take your privilege seriously — with a sprinkling of whimsy and lightness.

I’ve been a writer all of my adult life. I’m intimately familiar with the ups and downs, the ins and outs, the agony and the ecstasy. Writing in your diary is different than writing as a journalist or travel writer, and all are different than writing as an author.

Every type of writing lends to its own type of anxiety — if you let it.

When all is said and done, what matters is just that you pick up your pen and write. Or use your keyboard. Open the channel and let what wants to come out come out. Spill it out and forget about the consequences. You can deal with those later.

If you have a longing in your heart to write, honor that longing. Don’t die with the music (or the words) inside of you.

Write for the sheer joy of releasing your spirit. Who knows where it will lead? Who cares?

Just let go and do it.

That’s why I’m leading a writing retreat for women on the island of Bali this summer. Sometimes we just need to get away from it all in order to experience the artistic side of ourselves. The dates are July 31 through Aug. 5. Mark it on your calendar. Then clear your to-do list so you can join us.

It’s going to be luscious. It’s going to be intimate. And it’s going to be fun!