Wow, did you get a chance to see the Supermoon? Spiritually speaking, this is a very potent time of year, and the full moon is a reminder that no matter what seems to be happening, life is brimming with possibilities.

If you didn’t see the Supermoon, which was the largest and brightest since 1948, no problem. You don’t have to wait another 18 years. Because the truth is that the moon is rising inside of you.

What do I mean? The outside reflects the inside. (And if you meditate and go deep enough, you will actually see the moon inside, as well as the sun and the stars.) But on a mundane level, what we see in the world at large also reflects something going on inside of us.

So what does that mean related to all the upheaval and all the slop the media’s been feeding us lately? Well, look inside. Bluntly speaking, you’ve got some healing to do!

Sadly, our culture doesn’t provide us with a lot of ways to deal with inner or outer toxicity. We can actually learn a lot from ancient cultures, which were more in tune with the rhythms of nature, including the moon.

And that’s one of the reasons why I like to take women to Bali on my Triple Goddess Magic Writing Journey. Because in addition to writing the first rough draft of their magnificent books, they get to immerse themselves in the divine atmosphere that permeates the island. And that includes visiting a very special temple where Balinese go during the full moon to bathe in a holy spring, wash away their impurities, and let in the light.

This ancient spring was said to have burst forth when the god Indra pierced the Earth to allow the nectar of immortality to come to the surface. Soaking in this holy spring is an intensely personal and spiritual experience. There’s nothing like it. You come out of the pool refreshed and renewed.

You don’t have to come all the way to Bali with me to perform your own purification ritual (although I hope you will!) You could create your own ceremony at home, full moon or not. The key is being intentional about it. Here’s what I would do: Light a candle, burn some incense, draw your bath, and make it fragrant with essential oils and perhaps some flower petals. Then as you settle in for a dreamy soak, imagine any negativity seeping out of you and into the water as you allow more light to come in.

And here’s an important part: When you’re finished and pull the plug, imagine all those negativities going down the drain to the center of the Earth where they’ll be purified.

Are you going to try it? I hope so! And if you’d rather wait til you get to Bali, stay tuned. I’m setting the dates for my next Triple Goddess writing retreat!