As women, we’re not wired for an aggressive “git ‘er done!”way of living or working.

We’re more about inspiration. Push, push, push not only will make you tired, it can make you sick. In fact, that happened to me back when I was a journalist in Tokyo, Japan, in a male-dominated profession in a male-dominated society. Many of my co-workers didn’t even take vacation time because it was considered too self-indulgent. Many stayed late at the office to make it look like they were working hard (even if they were only sharpening pencils.)

I myself started treating my body like a machine, and partly due to that came down with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I learned the hard way that push, push, push doesn’t work well for women. But it’s still the model followed in our society. How sad. How unhealthy!

It’s one of the reasons why I like to whisk women away to Bali for my Triple Goddess Magic Writing Journey. In the tranquil and exquisite atmosphere of our retreat, everyone automatically downshifts to life in the slow lane. And that’s a good thing! It feels so great, so natural, to shift from frantic “chase” mode into luxurious “flow.”

Being in flow makes you more attractive and grounded as well as more effective. It’s how a many-armed goddess gets things done while remaining relaxed and composed. Being in flow is partly about letting things come to you rather
than trying to make them happen.

It involves surrendering to the moment, which contains all you really need. In that magical space, time seems to bend, and you have more of it. You can actually feel yourself, which opens you up your creativity. You start to see more clearly. For many women it means being able to write with abandon — something they’re unable to do back home with their over-packed schedules.

Many women are feeling called to write and either share their story or share their message with the world. To accommodate this, I’m opening up three slots for VIP days and VIP half-days for women who are serious about writing a book. During our time together we will explore the topic, title and format for the type of book you want to write and get you started. If you’re serious about this, email my office at and we can set up an appointment to speak and see if a VIP day or VIP half-day is a fit for you.