If you only watch the news, it seems that only tragedies are happening in the world.  And the world seems like a really dangerous place.

I used to be a journalist with major news organizations, and that’s one of the reasons I got away from that. It just felt to toxic to only focus on the bad things happening. And if the Law of Attraction is true and we multiply things we focus on, why would we want to focus on that?

And yet we can’t completely ignore what’s going on. But there’s a better way than letting it take over your life.

The saints and sages say that what we see and experience as the outside world is really just a reflection of what’s going on inside of us. We then project that out onto the screen of life.

The first time I heard that, I thought it sounded a bit wild. But the longer I sit with it, the more true I know it is. Our thoughts lead to our words, which lead to our actions. And these things create imprints in our minds, which later flower into our outer experience.

In a nutshell, that’s how karma works.

So, knowing that, it behooves us to order our inner world to prevent negative karmic seeds from being planted in the first place. Because the planted seeds have to sprout.

The real work consists of up-leveling our thoughts and feelings. A daily meditation practice can help with that.

Another way of looking at it is as your daily time to groom your inner landscape, tend your garden and “take out the trash.”