I’m about to burst, I’m so excited!

I’ve nailed down the dates for my next Bali Triple Goddess Magic Writing Journey in which women like you not only take a deep dive into their spirituality, they write the first drafts of their books!

I’ve been aching to get back to Bali since I held my last retreat there in August. Yes, it’s that amazing! Yes, it’s that enthralling! Yes, it’s that welcoming, wonderful and warm! There’s no place else like it on the planet.

In fact, last week I spoke with someone who had also been to Bora Bora (someplace I’ve never been but would like to go.) And he said that while it was beautiful, it was no comparison to Bali because of Bali’s amazing cultural richness.

But more than that, it’s the perfect place and the perfect opportunity for you to fulfill that promise to yourself that you’re going to write your book.

You know how it is. That book sits inside you, waiting to be born. But you’re so busy and distracted with other things, you just can’t seem to sit down and write it. Do you know what I’m talking about? Or, maybe you’ve never written a book before and you’re not sure how to do it. Or you don’t have the confidence.

Then you’re a perfect candidate for this retreat. There is nothing like getting away from it all, where you can unplug from technology and really focus on total “me” time. You can hardly get further away, because it’s on the other side of the globe. And, yes, it’s worth the trip.

Oh, and did I mention? You’ll be eating delicious fresh foods, seeing jaw-dropping sights, and indulging in some exotic self care.

What’s not to like? Are you getting excited? Good, then go here to read about the total experience and see a couple video clips:

Bali Triple Goddess Magic Writing Journey

It’s not too early to make your plans. In fact, I’d do it right away, because I can only take eight women. Eight lucky women. Will you be one of them? I hope so!

Bali Triple Goddess Magic Writing Journey