Next to dancing, walking is my favorite form of exercise. Especially in summer, when it’s beautiful and fresh outside, a Wonder Walk around the neighborhood is a beautiful and soothing way to start your day.

Why is Wonder Walking so powerful? Here are a few reasons:

— It gets you moving out in the fresh air.

— It guarantees you’ve exercised during the day.

— It lifts your spirit by getting you in touch with in Nature.

— It improves your health by filling your lungs with oxygen and prana.

— It grounds you by putting your feet in touch with the Earth.

— It shows you abundance through the beauty of the creative force moving through the flowers, animals and trees.

What is Wonder Walking? It’s a simple meditation/contemplation type of walking in which you look for the wonder wherever you go.

Today on my own Wonder Walk, I saw a pair of blue jays and a pair of doves, which reminded me that maybe love is on the way for me, too. And also I met a charming cat friend.

Sometimes I take my weights and do strength exercises for my arms while I walk. Other times I take my camera and take pictures of things that inspire me. Today I took a picture of a neighbor’s blossoming crepe myrtle.

Here are the basics for your own Wonder Walk.

1) Get outside in nature. (Even in a city you can see the sky and the sun or the clouds or the moon.)

2) Look for beauty wherever you can find it. It might not be something as obvious as a flower. It might be the way the sunlight lands on a building or the way it creates an interesting shadow.

3) Whatever you see, allow yourself to feel the beauty of it.

4) Breathe in your appreciation and let it touch your heart.

5) Here’s an advanced technique: To deepen your connection with and understanding of the basic Oneness of the Universe, whatever you see and appreciate, get excited and say to yourself, “That’s me!”

When you try this, you may feel a new appreciation for the world around you. I would love it if you could share your insights and experiences in the comments section below!