I had an eye-opening experience the other day which I’d like to share with you. It had been a rather rough day, full of deadlines and tech problems, and I was feeling a little crazy and overwhelmed.

At the end of the day I sat down to a meal with my family and just let it all go. My sister, who had driven over from the Coast with my brother-in-law said, “You’ll never guess what movie we just saw.” And as I dished up a spoonful of the dish she’d made, I responded, “The Nine Lives of Thomasina.”

Heidi looked so shocked and said, “How did you know that?” (It’s a delightful Disney cat movie we’d seen decades ago.)

I just smiled and took a bite of the delicious food. But a while later, she turned to me again in disbelief and said, “How did you know it was ‘Thomasina?’ And by the way, it’s ‘The Three Lives…'”

That’s when it struck me. Yes, it was a bit bizarre that out of hundreds of possible movies, the name of that one came rolling off my tongue. And it wasn’t an accident, it was totally natural. I wasn’t guessing and I wasn’t trying. I was just in a totally relaxed state of feeling like myself after a long day of decidedly NOT feeling like myself. The fact that I’d gotten the movie right didn’t surprise me at all… until I started thinking about it.

Here’s my radical observation: We already know everything, because we’re actually connected to everything. It’s our natural state when we’re not preoccupied or judging our experience or believing that we don’t know anything.

It’s not about being “psychic,” thinking your way there, or even trying to “tune in.” That’s a great way of NOT getting to your natural wisdom. It’s always available when you just relax and let things be. (Which I was not doing during my frantic day at work.)

What it really has to do with is being yourself — which is really about being in your bliss. If that sounds kind of lofty, it’s not. It’s very practical.

The biggest problem you’ll ever have in your life is not being yourself, which — news flash — you are probably not being. If you’re not wildly happy or at least to some extent contented, that’s a clue. Folks waste a lot of time and energy trying to be what they think they’re supposed to be so that they can fit in and people will like them. But it doesn’t work. If I’d actually thought about what movie my sister and brother-in-law had seen — if I’d “tried” to get it right and there’d been any charge or ego around that — the true answer never would have bubbled up in me.

Wisdom is innocent. It’s always there if we’re open to its whisper.

It’s a lot of pressure to have to get things right. And it’s a lot of work to try to please other people. You know why? Because they don’t always want what they say they want. Case in point: The vast majority of people say they want to be an author. But they don’t actually want to do the work of writing. They don’t want to put their butt in a seat, and they’re terrified of looking or feeling stupid.

I know one woman who has been wanting to write a book for years, but when she had the opportunity to join my Write YOUR Book in Just One Weekend project a couple weeks ago and actually do it, she couldn’t join us because she had to bake something for the holidays.

Go figure. I’m sure the cake is eaten by now. And the book, which could have served her for the rest of her life, is still sitting in a drawer in her head.

When this happened, I suddenly realized what my spiritual master faces in leading people on the path of liberation. There’s nothing more important than getting liberated. (I mean, just imagine if there’s a state where you no longer feel weighed down by all the stuff that weighs you down.) It’s the only thing really worth having, and yet people don’t take the time to meditate or go on retreats because they have to do really important things like…you know, scrub the toilet or take out the garbage. When the real garbage is the stuff inside themselves that they refuse to deal with. The stuff they need to get liberated from!

So let’s swing back to my point. I had a taste of my own genius when I went with “The Nine Lives of Thomasina,” even if I got the number wrong. (Wisdom isn’t too concerned about the details.)

That experience woke me up to what I’d been missing all day (and in this busy holiday season, although I know better.) It was a pure moment of being relaxed and just being me, and it was so liberating.

Ego is effortful. Wisdom is effortless. You are unbounded consciousness and unlimited possibilities. When you’re connected to who you really are, it requires no effort at all to come up with “Thomasina.”

But we get locked in our own prison of perceptions and perceived limitations. Remember, the “world” is really just a bunch of molecules behaving in a way that looks real but is mostly just space. And those molecules have the ability to rearrange themselves when we look at them and have a thought about them. If we stopped judging everything, wisdom would have a chance to have its way with us. And that would bring a ton of freedom.

What’s so great about this? Instead of going down a well-worn mental pathway and thinking that’s the way things are, we can escape that narrow slice of life and start to see a 360 degree view.

Sometimes all it takes is a moment to stop and breathe and allow a fresh new thought or insight.

OK, that’s my offering for today. You can take it and run with it.

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