Here’s a training I did to motivate people to become an author by the end of 2017.

All of these ladies became authors by the end of 2015 and were honored at an awards ceremony towards the end of 2016. Why not you?

It’s your last chance! If you don’t do it know, when will it get done?

Never, probably.

Have a listen. At the end I talk about an amazing virtual weekend write-a-thon I’m holding that will allow you to write a simple non-fiction self-help or entrepreneurial book in one weekend. This is what so many coaches, speakers and small business owners need to establish themselves as an authority on their topic.

I think this is the easiest, most efficient way. You can literally be in your pajamas and write if you want to.

Take a look, and if it sounds like something you want to do, make sure you register before Black Friday in order to receive your special discount.