Want to Join Me in Bali?

I’ve booked my next trip to Bali and have decided to do something special and different.

I’ve been so busy putting together and launching my “Instant Author Solution” book-writing program that I haven’t had time to take any private clients.

So, I thought, what if I open up my coaching program to just a few people […]

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Do You Cringe When People Ask “What Do You Do?”

Do you ever cringe when people ask what you do? Do you resist going to networking events because you hate having to explain your work?

Here’s how I helped my friend Elyse-Anne get clear on her messaging. It really matters, because a flabby message may be costing you clients and income.

I’d known Elyse as […]

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How You Really Impact People

Click the image above to view the video.

Impacting others is not really about coming on strong or impressing them or having a slick website and a clever marketing campaign.
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You Can Heal Your Life, Too

Louise Hay’s passing last week made me reflect on my own healing journey. Like Ms. Hay, I survived my own version of severe trauma as a child, except in my case, it was medical trauma performed to monitor and correct a serious birth defect. Without that horrific intervention, I would have died.

I had no […]

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