Want to Join Me in Bali?

I’ve booked my next trip to Bali and have decided to do something special and different.

I’ve been so busy putting together and launching my “Instant Author Solution” book-writing program that I haven’t had time to take any private clients.

So, I thought, what if I open up my coaching program to just a few people […]

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Will You Be the Next Best-Selling Author?

Writing a book and becoming a best-selling author is one of the most transformational things you’ll ever do.

And one of the most fun!

First the transformational part: It takes a lot to birth your book. First you have to come up with your idea. Then you have to work up the guts to get […]

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The Magic of Your “Yes!”

Big question: Do you believe in magic?

If you’re like me, I’m sure you do!

Well, I had one of the most magical experiences of my life recently when I created my first writing retreat in one of my favorite places on Earth — Bali!

But I have to share something a little vulnerable: This retreat was […]

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The Way You Do Writing is the Way You Do Life

The way you do writing is the way you do life.

It’s an interesting concept and worth exploring, particularly if you nourish a secret desire to write but never really get around to it.

What’s your writing style? What’s your hiding style?

Whether you write or not, it all comes down to choices.

Do you make […]

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