Meet Jill

If you’re a coach, speaker or consultant, you need a book to give you the authority, visibility and credibility you deserve.

Jill’s Instant “Author Solution: Write Your Book in a Weekend” program and her “Bali Triple Goddess Magic Writing Journey” are uniquely designed to help you bypass fear, doubt and overwhelm so you can write your book in record time and start attracting more speaking gigs and clients.

Jill is a bestselling author, former international journalist, travel writer and a university writing teacher with an advanced degree in writing from Columbia University. Now, instead of helping big news organizations get their messages out, she helps people like you write your book so you can stand out in a crowded market and start commanding what you’re really worth.

Benefits include:

  • more success and happiness
  • more confidence
  • more enthusiasm
  • greater impact and visibility
  • a wider reach

Take a look at the amazing writing experience Jill created for some of her clients in the video below. And if you feel inspired, join her community of enlivened women who are fulfilling themselves and impacting the world in their own unique ways. By signing in on the Home page, you’ll receive tips and updates about programs and retreats plus the quiz “9 Signs You’re Ready to Be an Instant Author.”