Do you know you need to write a book but you’ve had trouble getting started… or finishing? Did you think writing a book would take too much time or energy?


If you want to:

  • Make more money

  • Be recognized as an authority

  • Satisfy your longing to be an author

  • Make an impact in people’s lives

  • Have a powerful tool to sell or give away

  • Finally get your book done

  • And not take another 20 years to do it!


Then you’re in the right place!

Maybe you’re out speaking, but you could be getting paid more, backed by the authority of a new book. According to Michael Hyatt, author of “Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World,” having a book doubles or triples your value in the marketplace.

Most likely, you’ve tried to write your book but it’s so difficult to get started… and even more difficult to finish. Not to mention the time commitment—when you’re already busy.

You’re not alone. An estimated 81 percent of Americans say they want to write a book, but most don’t.

Why? There’s the time problem, AND they don’t know how. They have too many ideas, so they write themselves into a corner and then they can’t get out.

I Get It!

It took me 20 years to get my first book into print – and I’m a professional writer! The self doubt, the fear, the writing and rewriting, and the worrying about whether or not it was good enough or whether people were going to like it cost me time and years and money.

But I took the long road so you don’t have to.


Now you can write a simple but powerful book to promote your business in One Fast-and-Easy Weekend.


No more excuses, no more frittering around, no more guilt or embarrassment about not having your book done.



Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

I’m Jill Hendrickson, former international journalist, best-selling author, and founder of The Bali Triple Goddess Magic Writing Journey. I’ve written several books and have taught writing workshops for over 15 years, but not so long ago when I changed direction in my coaching, I had to get a book out fast to serve my clients.



I had one non-fiction book out already, but it took me 8 months to write — pulling 16-hour days! I didn’t have 8 months.


But I did have an amazing mentor who gave me great advice about how to bang out my next book in record time. And James Malinchak (Featured on ABC’s Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire) introduced me to other smart writers….


Like Jack Canfield, Co-Author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” I noticed that Jack had another best-selling book on the market called, “The Success Principles.”

The whole book was centered just on principles. And I realized something important.

The Best Books are Based on Simple Ideas

In fact, the simpler the better. People are drowning in information these days. They don’t have the patience or bandwidth to read complicated books. What they really need is a distillation of your best ideas so they get your knowledge but they don’t get overwhelmed.


So I essentially did what James told me and I got my book done faster than I ever imagined—in just one weekend. (Even HE probably wasn’t expecting that.) And I’ve ended up using that book for so many things. I’ve sold it, given it away as a bonus, given it away as a gift, used it as a free offer. Plus I had a ton of fun writing it.


I knew lots of people were struggling with writing a book, and so I added my own magic and boiled down the process so that anybody could use it. And the result was a simple system I call Instant Author Solution: Write Your Book in Just One Weekend.


How simple is simple? Well, I think that any 6th Grader could follow it. Maybe even your pet.

It’s to everyone’s benefit when you get simple and get to the point when writing your book.


So we’re not writing another version of “War and Peace.” We’re gonna cut to the chase and write a concise and helpful non-fiction book based on your best principles, keys or secrets so you can get your message out to the people who need it while positioning yourself as an authority on your topic.


Because especially if you’re any kind of coach, consultant, business owner or person in any service industry, you need to be viewed as an authority on what you do. Nothing will give you that kind of credibility like a book. If you’re any kind of expert, you’re expected to have one. (Notice how the word “authority” contains the word “author.”)


Now, maybe you’ve tried to write your book but you gave up…


Writing by yourself can be a lonely, nerve-wracking endeavor.

And that’s why we’re holding this program not just as an intensive, but as a WEEKEND BOOK-WRITING PARTY! We’ll be doing it together, meaning you’ll have friends and guidance, support AND accountability to help make sure your book gets done, because…

It takes teamwork to make your dream work!

The killer of dreams is isolation. We stand on each other’s shoulders.

So you and I are going to create your book the fast, fun way—as a team effort.

We’re going to block off your time, shut off distractions, set a deadline, and write in White Heat to bypass the common problem of writer’s block.


I learned this as a journalist. There’s nothing like a deadline to light a fire under you. Without one, nothing happens. Your book is dead in the water.

So deadlines are really more like lifelines. They are what makes it possible for your book to have a life.

I call it Joy-Writing to the finish line!

With a looming deadline there’s no time to fret. There’s no sweating it out as you stare at a blank screen. You don’t have time to stop and worry about it.

You just write like the wind and don’t look back!

That’s how a book gets done.

OK, why am I doing this? I’m glad you asked.

Maybe you’ve heard of my Bali Magic Writing Journey where women go to write with freedom in the world’s most gorgeous and exotic surroundings imaginable.

I believe that’s the best way to do your writing—in an inspiring, nurturing environment, far away from everyday distractions—like your phone, your spouse, your kids, your pets…


But not everyone can go to Bali, and my next retreat isn’t until next October. And maybe you need to get your book done RIGHT NOW!


That’s why I want you to create a minor MIRACLE and…

Write your book in one weekend!

I make it easy with my simple template. Yes, the word “template” is singular. There’s only one. That’s how easy it is.


And that doesn’t mean cookie cutter, by the way. Within that structure, you get to go crazy and make it as “You-esque” as as you want!

It’s hard to express just how much it meant to me to complete my first book. It was a major milestone.

Besides what it did for my career, I got to enjoy the creativity. I got to share my heart. I got to share my story, which helped me heal from some things that needed to be healed. Then I got to share that with others, and it helped them heal.


Writing a book made me grow as a person. Although it may not seem like it, I’m an introvert, and left to my own devices would probably stay in my shell. Writing a book forced me to stretch in directions I never imagined possible.


I found myself speaking on radio and TV, and then on stages at conferences. Instead of sitting in audiences, I was leading audiences. Before writing a book, I never would have been ready for that. I would never have even wanted to. But with a book and a message, I felt compelled to step up.


Writing a book enlarged my world and gave me the means, the confidence and the tools to take my career to another level. It’s what finally allowed me to take myself seriously as an expert and to cause others to see me as one, too. And it continues to open the door to new and amazing experiences.

It’s one of the most transformational things you will ever do.

So are you ready to clear those dates on your calendar. Because if you wait, you wait forever, and your book will not get done.

Here’s How the Program Works…

I’m bringing Saraswati, Goddess of Wisdom and the Arts (including Writing) direct from Bali to serve as our Patron Goddess and Muse for the weekend.

This is all about allowing the Intelligence of Life to simply flow through you onto the page.




1. When you sign up:


You’ll receive a welcome email with details and a link to a download page where you’ll receive a digital copy of my book “Victim to Victory” (as an example of the type of book you will be writing), a simple template for YOUR book, a resource called “Create Your Rocking Book Title,” PLUS a friendly script to get your friends and family on board to give you support (and stay out of your hair) for the weekend.


VERY IMPORTANT: In that email, you’ll receive information about an orientation call we have about a week before the program where we explain everything you’ll need to prepare. We’ll be going to go through the front material of your book so that you can fill that out before we get to the main text over the weekend. (This makes things easier.)


2. On Friday, from 10 a.m. Pacific till 2 p.m. Pacific


Our program begins! We’ll be working on your book together, so it’s time to put on your goddess headdress, step into your power, and create your book miracle.


When I say “Go,” you’ll put your fingers to your keyboard, call upon the elements, and write like the wind.

This is the part we call Writing in White Heat, where nothing stops you.


Forget about spelling and grammar and getting it right. We have one goal and one goal only. And that’s to open up the channels and…

Get it done!


3. On Saturday, at 10 a.m. Pacific:


We’ll continue working this way together so you maintain your momentum as you finish the first half of your book and more! I’m holding your hand the entire time to keep you on track (with appropriate breaks) till 2 p.m. when we can share our wins and cheer each other on.


4. On Sunday, we’ll start again at 10 a.m. Pacific:


We’ll be writing together again and you’ll move through the rest of your manuscript. We’ll have our breaks and you’ll progress towards the finish line, when you triumphantly get to type the words, “The End.”

We’ll pop the champagne (or sparkling cider) on Sunday afternoon, and I’ll share with you how you can make your book go “live” in a very short time..

Think how proud you’ll be and how much it will impress your friends and family. You did what you said you were going to do. You finished your book!


And from now on, when you go to parties and people ask, “What’s new?” you can tell them. “As a matter of fact. I just became an author.”




So just to recap, if you follow directions, by the end of the weekend you will:

  • have a book

  • be an author

  • have another possible stream of income

Remember, a book can:

  • double or triple your value in the marketplace

  • set you apart from your competition

  • attract new clients

  • allow you to charge more money

  • make you attractive as a speaker

  • get you into places non-authors can’t go

Being an author can get your foot into doors that otherwise would not open to you. Maybe you’ll walk the red carpet and hang out with more interesting people.


With Joe Theismann James Malinchak Lisa Nichols


No doubt about it, books are influence multipliers. Authors have status. Meaning folks are more likely to take your calls.



Yes, it may feel safer to remain in the shadows and stay invisible. And I’ll admit it can be a little disconcerting when total strangers recognize you and act as if they know you.



But you can get used to it. Giving out autographs is fun!

Why join this program?

You can become an author in just one weekend

You could have your own book to sell within days!

It’s a fast-and-easy system based on a proven method.


You’ll be guided by a writing teacher and best-selling author

Oh, and did I mention…

A book gives you confidence

It makes it easier to share what you do

It’s talks about you 24/7

It confers prestige

When my first book came out, the ONLY reason I got on TV was because I was an author.

It’s NEWS when a book comes out.

And, let me ask you. Who would YOU rather do business with? Someone who hands you a card at a business function and claims they’re an expert…




A professional who hands you a book that showcases their expertise AND solves a problem YOU want to fix (AND signs it with your name in it)?


Who are you going to remember? The person whose card you threw away when you got home? Or the person whose book you crawled into bed with that night?


I’m just sayin’…



Get more attention


Have more freedom


Enjoy celebrity status


Get interviewed on radio and TV


Can charge more money


But most importantly, authors change lives with their messages and impact more people.

Reading your book could be a lifesaver for someone else. You have no idea how many people may be positively affected by your book.



But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what some clients and students have said about working with me:


“I absolutely loved this process!”

It’s inspiring and uplifting. I’m looking forward to adding more books to my personally-authored list and highly recommend the Instant Author Solution to anyone that has considered writing a book but felt stuck!

Alanda Carter


“I’m walking on air!”

OMG, I’m on Amazon already! Wow. Jill, you are an amazing woman!”

Sally Domingo Laughlin, new author of “Finding Your Treasure: A Woman’s Guide to Money and Getting Ahead in a Man’s Financial World.”


“Jill made the process so simple.”

The entire process was amazing. In just one weekend, I wrote a book I’m very proud of.

Lisa Meisels, new author of “Claim Your Brilliance: 50 Keys to Fearless Confidence, Visibilty & Success”


“Jill’s support will make it happen”

I am so grateful for Jill and her weekend book writing program. She is so knowledgable about the process of writing and publishing, from beginning to end, so it is invaluable to have her in your corner, and just having her there takes away so much of the fear and doubt that is naturally there when you try to do it alone. I had been dilly dallying, making notes, planning to really get started writing for over a year–but enrolling in Jill’s program was the commitment to myself and my book that turned the procrastination into action. It was worth it just to have her there “holding my hand” to make sure I got it done. Even though I might’ve been able to do it myself, it’s hard to make the time, and then it doesn’t get done. If you know that a book is the next step of your journey, then you and your success are totally worth the investment, and Jill’s support will make it happen.

Lucas Roy Lehman


“Wow, what a great feeling!”

I am on my way to publishing my first book. I would not have done it if it were not for Jill Hendrickson’s encouragement and guidance. Sometimes the things that seem so daunting need to be downsized to manageable pieces. Thank you, Jill.

Sherill Calhoun, author of “Feminism is a Verb”



“Working with Jill is a joy.”

Every day I engage in my writing, I experience a level of freedom I had no idea existed. I know this wouldn’t have been possible if I attempted to do this on my own. Thank you for the way you looked through my stumbling words right into the heart of my story, to help me put it all in a way that feels so right. It’s been life-transforming for me. It opened up so much for me on so many levels.

Claudia Castillo Holley, Pleasanton, CA


“Bringing together the pieces of my story has never been so easy and fun.”

Thank you! Jill, such a blessing to have your support today! Bringing together all the pieces of my story has never been so easy and fun. And the structure and ideas you provided are just invaluable…”
Carlota Del Pozo

Carlota Del Pozo


“I felt so comfortable sharing parts of my story.”

Jill zones in with such humor and grace! I felt so comfortable sharing parts of my story with her than with most coaches… She truly listened to how I desired to express myself in this world and share my gifts with my target market. Thank you, Jill, for deciding to share your gifts in the world. More powerful women need you!

Dr. Stacy Mobley


“It was the best experience of my life.”

I just never thought that I could write a full manuscript. But with coaching from Jill and individual time and learning about the three goddesses, I was able to…

I would highly recommend working with Jill. It was the best experience of my life.”

Sarah Pasquarelli, Fresno, CA, Bali Triple Goddess Magic Writing Journey participant


“The writing experience has been inspirational.”

The writing experience has been inspirational. Jill has helped on every level. On the concrete level of writing and suggtions for our writing and how to make it better, how to clarity it, and on the spiritual level.”

Sandi Downs, Central California, Bali Triple Goddess Magic Writing Journey participant


When you join Instant Author Solution: Write Your Book in Just One Weekend, you will also receive:






Just one last thing…

Why am I doing this now? Because you’ve waited long enough.

If you wait for the perfect time to write your book, you’ll wait forever. Make this the year that you finally finish your book and become an author. Then enjoy the benefits of this lasting asset for the rest of your life.

So, what is the investment?

You tell me. What would it be worth to have your manuscript in hand? You know how important it is for you to have a book.

If you were to hire a ghost writer, it could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

This is a personally-guided VIP 1:1 book-writing intensive that can make you an author in just one weekend.

$4997 Value

Only $1997

I may never be offering it again at this low investment for my personal help. Imagine how you’ll feel to finally have your book in hand.


Someone out there is waiting for your words—maybe even a tribe of people. They’re waiting for you to show up and reach them. Don’t disappoint them.


And don’t disappoint yourself by letting another year go by without writing your book and becoming an author.


Don’t kick yourself the next time a friend (or a competitor) comes out with their book, and you’re standing there thinking, “That should have been me!”

Let’s Light the World on Fire Together…

One Simple, Doable Book at a Time!

Only $1997

Client and student sharings are personal and individual and are not meant to represent the results or experience of any “typical” client or student or program. Outcomes depend on many things including, but not limited to, one’s experience, initiative, personal and market conditions, as well as actually participating in the program, following directions and doing the work. What happens after the program is also not within the scope of Jill Hendrickson International, Inc.’s control.