I am sharing a fantastic resource that will benefit you immensely.

Are you a business professional who is dealing with persistent health challenges or recent health setbacks?

Are you experiencing a power struggle between wanting to be accessible to your clients, friends, and family while being continually challenged by fatigue, body pain, insomnia, and headaches?

Do you feel as though you are in a constant state of “catch-up” or recovery while striving to succeed in your business?

Are you on the cusp of being completely dragged under by your attempts to overcome your health challenges while desiring to invest your resources in your business?



Pamela Maloney, PhD, DHM, LAc is a close personal friend of mine, and a truly fantastic transformational wellness coach and healer. Her expertise comes from more than 30 years in private practice and teaching as a college professor. She has worked with professionals all over the world to provide practical, simple solutions to health, beauty, vitality and productivity issues.  Recently recovered from two auto accidents and a severe concussion breaking her temporal bone and inner ear, all within a three year period ~ Pamela knows recovery to visible radiance from the inside out.

For those of you who feel frustrated by low energy levels while being pressured to perform at your highest level – this is your answer. Dr. Maloney provides digestible, easy steps to support your total-body health every single day. As an introduction she is offering her article, “5 Steps to Radiant Health” to all of you absolutely FREE.

When you’ve got a truly in-depth knowledge base like hers behind you, easy things like movement, diet and environment can prove to be very powerful in increasing your energy levels and the glow of a vibrant health baseline.

This free article, “5 Steps to Radiant Health,” will get you started on your path to feeling healthier than you ever have before. Simple, basic steps highlight the importance of staying connected to and invested in your health every single day.t!