Pura Ulun Danu temple on a lake Beratan. Bali

I’ve booked my next trip to Bali and have decided to do something special and different.

I’ve been so busy studying, teaching and offering my “Instant Author Solution” book-writing program that I haven’t had time to take any new private clients.

So, I thought, what if I open up my private coaching program to just a few special people and invite them to hang out with me in Bali as a reward for going through the program?

Because there’s no place like Bali on the planet and I think that deserving women should see it.

So those who end up participating will receive not only private coaching from me AND my game-changing 12-week Transformational Coaching Program. But they’ll also have the opportunity to join me in Bali this October to write and learn about the goddesses and accelerate their evolution.

Why go to Bali, and who might be perfect for this program?

It might be perfect for you if you have a desire to write and you also want to deepen your spiritual connection.

There’s a lot of talk these days about The Divine Feminine, but how many people do you know who understand what that really is or have had a direct experience of it?

I do know quite a bit about it, because I’ve been living that path for the past 30 years after a shocking encounter with an enlightened female master in Asia. So I’ll be sharing some of that experience with the people who join me in Bali, because the goddesses are very much alive and well in that culture.

Your path may be different than mine, but all true spiritual paths have things in common. And it’s my belief that coming to Bali will provide an opening for you to have a deeper or more expanded connection to your own divinity. At the very least, you will be introduced to an amazing new world that you can’t begin to imagine unless you’ve experienced it.

I’m going to be very selective about who participates in this journey. It’s for sincere seekers only — not thrill seekers, although it will be thrilling.

It will be for women with a strong desire to explore the depths of their being through writing, travel, and an encounter with the mystical and magical.

It’s for emotionally-healthy women who feel a calling to dip beneath the surface of life and discover more of who they truly are. No dillettantes or drama queens allowed. They spoil the party.

It’s for the type of woman who is curious about life and who has a sense of humility and can behave herself in a foreign culture where the habits are different. This would be a woman who would love to experience a rare touch of the world’s beauty, wonder, and delight unavailable anywhere else.

The coaching will help you with your book and/or life path. But the icing on the cake will be the chance to join me in Bali. Then you’ll be able to put everything you’ve learned into practice in an environment where spirituality permeates everything. And you’ll know why I make the effort to return to this deeply moving place again and again.

The coaching is transformational and the foreign travel expands your mind and broadens your boarders. I’ve used travel in exotic Southeast Asia to broaden my horizons, give me hope, refreshment and inspiration, and to soothe my soul and even give me new direction when my heart’s felt broken.

Just for the record, I’m not a hanger-outer at this point in my life. I typically don’t “hang out,” because I’m focused on my work, my path, and my art. I wasn’t even sure whether I’d invite anyone to come to Bali with me this time, and if the right people don’t show up, I’ll be going anyway to meditate, celebrate, do my favorite “walkabout,” and conduct research on a book.

But I’m offering this as a bonus to up to six special women who do the coaching, because I remember what it was like when I was floundering around, wondering why I was on the planet and not having anyone to talk to about the things that were important to me.

So if you’re the type of person who wants to take a closer look at the nature of life and your place in it, this is your chance to have some deep conversations around that.

There really are answers to your most pressing questions. And if you haven’t found them on your current path, maybe you owe it to yourself to explore something new.

If this resonates with you, then I invite you to send an email to info@jillhendrickson.com with the subject line “YES, Jill, I’m Interested,” and we can explore where you’re at in your personal journey. Tell me why you think you’d like to participate, and I’ll send you a few questions and we can set up a time to talk.

Because to do this, you need to be willing to invest in yourself.

You need to be coachable.

And you need to be willing to move through any resistance or fear, because that’s the only way we grow.

Part of opening to The Divine Feminine involves being sensitive to where the energy is leading you and being brave enough to honor it and follow it, because it doesn’t always make a lot of sense to the logical mind.

It was following that “hint” that led me to work in Japan, then to study with a teacher in Bulgaria, which led to my having a dramatic spiritual awakening in Tokyo and then studying with an enlightened master in India.

Your path will be unique to you. But it’s helpful (and rare) to find guidance from someone who’s been on a serious journey of awakening.

If there’s one thing I’d like to share with you even more than writing, it’s how to be brave enough to be the adventurous, creative free spirit you were meant to be.

Four of the biggest regrets people report to me are not traveling enough, not taking more calculated risks, not living in the moment, not doing what is truly important to them, and not following their passions and developing their gifts.

I’m doing this now because I believe there’s no better way to greet the summer than going into it knowing you’re doing something that can prevent you from having those regrets.

The coaching itself is invaluable, but as one client said about joining me in Bali, “It was the best experience of my life.”

There are limited spots available, so if you’re up for something remarkable, again, send that email to info@jillhendrickson.com with the subject line: YES, Jill, I’m Interested.

Imagine what your life might look like by the end of 2018 if you’ve written a book and/or you’ve been to Bali — or you’ve created something else totally wonderful for yourself.