Do you ever cringe when people ask what you do? Do you resist going to networking events because you hate having to explain your work?

Here’s how I helped my friend Elyse-Anne get clear on her messaging. It really matters, because a flabby message may be costing you clients and income.

I’d known Elyse as a prominent business coach in Asia. (Think Marie Forleo of the East.) What I didn’t know was that behind the scenes she had spent a good deal of time developing her spiritual gifts.

She told me she helped people rewrite their soul contracts and release karma. Immediately I saw the problem. She was watering down her message. Most people don’t walk around thinking, “I really need to rewrite my soul contract and release my karma.”

Many don’t know what a soul contract or karma is.

Elyse confessed that when she started talking about her new direction on her radio show, it would take her up to ten minutes to explain it because, “It’s neither card reading nor coaching. It’s a combination of everything, and every session is different.”

She even found herself resisting going to networking events or out to dinner with new people, because although she really wanted to talk about her work, she dreaded that question: “What do you do?”

Can you relate?

She also felt that as the expert in her field, she should have a handle on her messaging, but it wasn’t working. That can happen when we’re an expert and we’re too close to our own work.

She finally surrendered and asked the universe for help, and that’s when I suddenly came onto her radar with my own new direction of helping people stop watering down their message. (Because I had to stop watering down my own!)

I’d experienced one of Elyse’s soul life sessions myself. (Highly recommend it.) So we talked about what would make her message simple and compelling. In short, how did she help people solve their problem?

Here’s what she realized through working together:

“I do soul work, I do soul readings, I do past life readings, but at the end of it all, these are just the features, not the benefits.”

We played around with things — and I want to emphasize this — it was more like “play” than work. And I didn’t tell Elyse, “Do this.” It was about collaboration.

I don’t believe in just telling folks what to do, because it’s their business. I made the mistake of letting other people tell me what do, and it didn’t work. It only muddied the water, took me down dead-end streets, and prolongued my journey.

YOU have to be involved in the conversation also, because YOU are the inspiration behind your business. If someone else tells you what to do without your input, you’ll get lost. Maybe you already have.

In the end, Elyse cleaned up her message and boiled it down to this simple statement: “I help you discover your major life lessons that are preventing you from making money and attracting the love you desire.”

Wow, what a difference, right? It’s simple and it creates curiosity. And when people say, “Wow, how do you do that?” she can explain more and tell them how she works with others.

So if you’ve been struggling in your business, the answer could be as simple as tweaking your message so that people really understand who you are and what you do.

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