All the Single Ladies on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be a painful time if you’re going through a divorce.

But I want to tell all the single ladies, “Ladies, celebrate the most important love affair of your life — the one you have with yourself.”

I know: “Dear Abby: Should I really be having a love affair with myself?”

I’m not Abby […]

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Letting Go

When you face an unwelcome change, like a divorce, it’s natural to fear the future. Fear of the unknown may cause you to want to cling to the past, even if you know that your marriage was unhealthy.

But you can’t feel happy when you’re hanging by your fingernails to love that no longer […]

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Treat Yourself Like Royalty

One of the greatest lessons we can learn from going through a divorce is to start treating ourselves like royalty.

You, yes you, deserve to be the queen of your life — the reigning empress!

If you’ve been through a marriage that didn’t work out, one thing is for sure: either you weren’t treated well, […]

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Reasons Why Many Divorced Women Choose Not to Remarry

Divorce sucks. But statistics show that many woman (more than men) have a happier life after divorce, and when all is said and done, many prefer NOT to remarry.

Why? Because life is more tranquil, you don’t have to answer to anyone, and freedom tastes priceless compared to living with an oppressive spouse. You no longer have […]

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Sisterhood as a Survivor Tool

Before I went through a divorce, I didn’t spend any time in women’s groups and had no clue about the power of a sisterhood.

Maybe I was afraid of women. Maybe I felt competitive around them. Maybe I was immature and wanted mostly the attention of guy friends. I don’t know what the reason was, […]

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Survival Tips for Divorcing Mothers

Mothers face unique and difficult challenges when they go through a divorce. Welcome to the world of single parenthood!

I’m not a mother myself, (unless you count taking care of my cat-boy, Frosty), so I’m not an expert on the topic. But here are some tips if you find you’ll be facing child-rearing alone in […]

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Bedford Falls in Central California

One of my favorite holiday movies is “It’s a Wonderful Life,” the Frank Capra film in which George Bailey, played by Jimmy Stewart, wishes he’d never been born and is shown by an angel the tragedies that would have befallen others had he never come to Earth.

George lives in the fictional town of Bedford Falls, N.Y.  […]

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Gray Divorce on the Upswing

Did you know that while divorce has leveled off or decreased among most age brackets, it’s on the upswing among older couples and seniors? According to an article in the Deseret News, Bowling Green State University researchers saw as many couples over 50 splitting up in 2014, compared to 1990.

One of the reasons is […]

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Staying Safe Over the Holidays

I love the holidays. I love the lights. I love the parties. I love the love!

But being a survivor of domestic violence, I also know that the holidays can trigger abusive outbursts.

Abusers are often the children of abusers, and for many, holidays dredge up traumatic memories of deprivation, humiliation, parental anger and stress, which […]

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The Awesomeness Retreat

You know how sometimes you just get called to work with certain people and you’re not sure why?

My “why” got answered last week while attending a Destination Retreats Blueprint event with Morgana Rae.

First, any time spent with Morgana is time well spent. She is brilliant, generous, and down to Earth. And she attracts the […]

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